Friday, August 5, 2016

Ever wonder what a revolution would look like or who would lead one?

First it would have to become known to the citizens that their elected officials were manipulating the laws to install their own agenda. Sorta like harry Reid and the Democrats are using made up parliamentary rules to get their laws passed. Then they would have to learn that the opposing party was not challenging them. Sorta like the Republicans letting Obamacare and a score of other unconstitutional laws pass unchallenged. Then that elected leaders were really opposed to the Constitution and this country for ideological reasons. Sort a like Obama who was educated by american communist and has set out to change our Constitution. Oh and something like the SCOTUS justices ignoring the constitution in favor of their own ideological views.

What about finding out that the officials you voted for were being bribed or blackmailed into voting for things you do not support after being elected on a promise to represent you.

What would it look like? Small groups of trained men sorta like the Green Beret, navy Seals, marine Recon and other specially trained forces.

The first step over all would be for the citizens refuse to follow unconstitutional laws.

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69 years old married 20 YEARS. Have a boy 21 and girl 19 plus two grown daughters and 3 Grandchildren. Served in Vietman. Combat wounded.In country 3 times. longest tour 8 months. Rated as totally disabled from injuries and PTSD. Friend of Bill W.

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